The concept of developing a portable projector that is small enough to carry along in one's pocket seemed to be just wishful thinking a few years ago. But today this device is a reality and has become much smaller in size than one can imagine. The portable and compact projectors models are certainly making it completely possible for project data as well as videos where ever you go. So when you are holding meetings and looking forward to making presentations, these compact portable projectors will facilitate you to set up presentations in just a couple of minutes. Whether it is about business, travel, or family holidays; compact, lightweight, and portable projectors serve as a perfect companion. There is always something for all budgets and every model encompasses a highly versatile array of performance-enhancing features.

Top 5 Portable Projectors Of The Year 2020

Let's have a look at some of the features and differences in the top 5 portable projectors of the year 2020. The devices listed below are top portable projectors that are ideal for people who would like to have a portable projector that is not fixed to a Ceiling at home.

Optoma ML750e

This portable projector is much more powerful in comparison to the pocket-sized PicoPix from the company Phillips which is also ultra-portable. It weighs 380 g and comprises a small footprint; this makes the device easy to carry. There is also a 700 lumens lamp that facilitates it to be utilized in rooms that are not completely dark. This is one of the best products due to their imposing range of ports. It comprises MHL- ready HDMI input, USB 2.0 slot for thumb drives, universal I/O slot, and a microSD card slot too. This projector can handle 90 inches of test screen and generates a highly impressive outcome. However, for Wi-Fi access, you have to purchase a dongle.

ViewSonic M1

The ViewSonic M1 is an extremely versatile product. It possesses quite a decent selection of ports irrespective of its small size. This makes the compact and portable projector to easily get hooked up to quite a broad range of devices. The compact design not only makes it look amazing but also makes it easy to carry the product around. The price is affordable when compared with similar products. However, having a low resolution as well as low brightness means that image quality is not as good. This entails that images might look washed out when the projector is utilized in bright environments. However, it is still a great portable projector and works exceptionally well for a work presentation if that is your main requirement.


The WooBloo SMASH is the world's most noticeable, advanced, and multi-utility Smart Projector. It combines the smart speaker with a projector but it is not as portable as the other single utility projector devices. It comprises a full HD projector (1080 p resolution) through which you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows on a big screen. The device has an in-built Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Also, it comprises far-field MEMS microphones through which you can easily communicate with Alexa from anywhere in the room. The product consists of a wide range of features so that you can enjoy the true sense of an All-in-one device. You can gain any time access to a live concierge desk, through which users get a chance to have a real personal assistant. The users can enjoy 360 degrees of surround sound with a dual combination of speakers along with passive radiators. All required information is displayed on a 4 inches LED display for all your Bluetooth-connected devices. This eliminates the requirement of picking up your phone all the time. If your requirement is to have a portable device that can be moved within your home or office for multiple use cases, this device would be the best fit. 

Epson EB-S41

When you choose a portable projector, there will, of course, be a few sacrifices that are required to be made for having a compact device. But there is no need for that while using Epson EB- S41. This product has a 3300-lumen brightness that is much higher in comparison to various other portable projectors. Thus you will gain higher flexibility while setting up this portable projector, especially in environments where there is ambient light. You can carry this product easily along with you on business trips. It has quite a large projection size which can extend up to 300 inches, and this makes it an incredibly good choice for business travel and presentations to a bigger audience.

Top Vision Mini Projector

Do you want to watch a movie at home with friends? Now you can easily convert a house into a cinema by using a Top vision mini portable projector. The LED projector will display crisply clear videos. The picture quality comes with 2400 lumen brightness for backing it up. It is imbibed with a smart speaker for reasonable sound quality. The projector displays pictures from around 1.5 to 5.2 meters from your screen. The recommended distance is 3 meters for getting the most out of this portable projector. It is an innovative product that also provides an option of connecting and synchronizing your smartphone screen with the projector. 


Portable projectors have become quite advanced and highly convenient to go solutions. The best portable projector comes down to what you want from it and where you want to take it. When you want something sleek that fits into your pocket conveniently, ViewSonic M1 can be the best bet. If you are looking for a portable projector for watching movies and videos that can be moved around your house or workplace, WooBloo SMASH is a perfect choice. With WooBloo SMASH, many innovative features come along. These amazing products are now exploring the realm beyond conventional presentations, which include gaming features along with mobile phone integration. The best devices are the ones that can truly provide multiple features packed into a single device. So why wait? Go ahead and choose the ones which interest you the most right away.

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