You've wet hands, juggling three things at once or just in the middle of something else, and suddenly doorbell rings!

What would you do?

Sure, you could stop what you're doing, wipe your hands, put things down everything, and free yourself up to the door.

But wouldn't it be more comfortable and convenient if you could handle the task without going to the door?

Surprising isn't it?

Thanks to the availability of a multitude of voice-assistance enabled smart speakers, you can control just about any appliance and device in your smart home hands-free, from turning off the lights to opening the door.

Important Statistics About Smart Speakers

Let's discuss important facts about voice assistant enabled smart devices.

More than 70% of people who own voice-assistant speakers do shopping using those devices.

Nearly 45% of regular users order groceries and other items using their voice-activated speaker.

Nearly 30% of the owners keep their voice-activated speakers in their bedrooms.

Nearly 60% of the owners control their home appliances and devices at the comfort of a voice command.

If you've started building a connected home and wants to streamline control completely, Alexa smart home voice assistant is the best choice.

As you might already be aware, Alexa is Amazon's digital assistant and comes built into WooBloo SMASH smart speaker.

What Do Smart Speakers Mean?

Smart speakers are smart devices that allow us to manage different things from controlling wireless-enabled lights to ordering various products, fetching online information, regarding the weather forecast, time, date, and many more things.

Smart speakers are always "on" and listening for their virtual assistant's activation words, like "Hey Alexa", which could help you manage smart home devices. You can do multiple things like search for recipes, send messages, or ask anything you want.

Benefits of Voice Assistant-Enabled Smart Speakers in your Daily Life

Let's discuss them in detail!!

1. Control Your Home

One of the great things about smart speakers is that they offer a lot more than music. They can be effectively used to control smart home devices such as connected smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, security cameras, TVs, speakers, plugs, locks, etc.

Alexa can connect and communicate with other devices to create a connection via your home's Wi-Fi connection. Just with your voice's power, you can adjust your heating temperature, check your security camera, change the channel on your TV, dim the lights, or set the kettle boiling.

2. Control your TV

With a smart device, you can even turn the display on or off on your smart TV without any remote.

3. Link to Smart Devices

Having a smart speaker in your home gives you a central hub to control your smart home devices, including lighting control, switching AC on/off, and adjusting the thermostat.

4. Manage your Thermostat

You can easily control heating by saying, "Alexa, set Bedroom Thermostat to 70 degrees".

As part of a 'Morning Routine', you could link your bedroom lighting to your floor heater and radio.

So when you wake up, you can say "Alexa, good morning", and your lights will come on along with the radio, and your floor heating will start to warm up for a perfect morning to kick-start your day.

5. Control your Smart Lock

You can lock and unlock the door with an Alexa command from your WooBloo SMASH smart speaker, and the door can automatically unlock as you approach it.

The rise of the smart speakers could allow us to increase our knowledge while saving significant time. You can ask your smart speaker whatever you feel like, and it will trawl the web to find an appropriate answer and tell it to you in no time.

Woobloo SMASH: Your Right Digital Assistant

If you are looking for the right smart device for your home, there's nothing better than Woobloo SMASH.

WooBloo SMASH is a new generation smart IoT device that gives you the best of both the worlds - AI-driven Voice Assistant, i.e., Alexa + Human Intelligence, adding a great deal to control your smart home devices with ease.

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