The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a long shadow on the ancient design principles behind our shared physical spaces, and the mechanical and digital components within them. We are accustomed to pressing buttons, tapping screens, and twisting doorknobs to make our life simpler and better.

But wait! Instead, our voice and language are other important things evolution has gifted to us. While voice control is associated with a high-end tech environment, it has been increasingly popular among people staying home.

As a matter of fact, "If you want to be safe, you must limit different touching surfaces at your home."

As working from home becomes the face of the new normal, smart speakers' usage for embracing health and safety has increased multi-fold.

Stop Touching & Start Talking

Smart speaker with a voice assistant feature, over the past few months, have become more useful than ever before. They extensively reduce the need to touch surfaces; this means that in the crisis of Covid-19, they've evolved from a feature to a necessity.

Voice-based command and control using Alexa have always seemed a useful feature to interact with your regular devices. These include handsets, laptops, and computers, and you can also control everything from TVs, cameras, lights, window blinds, to home HVAC systems. Backed by accelerating advances in keyword recognition, always-on capability, VUIs have become more seamlessly integrated into both the home and work life, preventing you from touching surfaces and keeping your loved ones safe.

Smart Speakers Can Do Much More than Just Playing Music

Smart speaker may be increasingly present in homes, but as per the researches, it shows that most people primarily use these speakers to listening to music or hearing the daily news updates.

But such devices can be an integral part of a smart home too, now more than ever. And they may easily eliminate many of the typical and ever-present germ-transfer points.

By simply adding a "smart socket" to our household lamps, you can quickly turn them on and off by saying a few words.

Furthermore, you can use your smart device to avoid touching door handles, TVs, oven controls, smartphones, and light switches.

In Health Assistance

Smart speakers with an in-built voice assistant feature could become another medium or channel for such interactions. Families and patients at home can seek instant medical assistance from qualified and experienced healthcare professionals from within the comfort of their homes.

Imagine calling a doctor and discussing your health issue via your smart speaker?

Convenient..isn't it?

It would entail a smart speaker, for example, providing accurate and real-time medical support where loved ones and caregivers can provide remote support to their respective patients.

Technology, as you could see, truly does make the future brighter. It won't be long before we see smart speakers available in all homes and healthcare establishments infused with comprehensive and reliable services.

As per the experts, the smart speaker market is expected to reach $11.7 billion (in revenue) by the next three years. Thanks to its health assistance and not-to-touch anything accessibility, it's not a stretch to believe much of that growth.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has brought a paradigm shift from touch to talk, allowing people to limit touching surfaces. And utilizing a smart speaker's voice assistant could be a better solution for the same.

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