How do you feel when the movie sound is not so satisfactory in the theatre? How would you feel as an audience if a presentation is not at all audible to you? You will definitely miss out on two or more things or might lose interest easily, isn’t it so?

Smart projector’s speakers are always a catch when it comes to meetings, conferences, presentations, or watching entertainment shows with your friends or family. With the right kind of these technological features, you will certainly get the best experience out of what you are obligated or interested to do. When choosing an all-in-one smart projector with high-quality speakers, WooBloo SMASH is an ideal choice. Most portable smart projectors compromise with the sound quality, but with WooBloo SMASH’s 10W Dual Speakers and Passive Radiators Combination, you will have an immersive experience.

Why WooBloo SMASH’s Smart Speaker Is An Ideal One For You?

WooBloo SMASH smart projector possesses 10W of dual speakers with premium quality sound output. The enhanced bass powered by its passive radiators provides 360° sound to offer you a best-in-class experience. Whether you are required to do a business presentation or wish to enjoy a video, WooBloo SMASH’s smart speakers deliver a clear echo sound full of depth, so much so that you will start feeling that everything is happening in real-time. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that WooBloo SMASH is a perfect blend of a smart projector and a smart speaker.

Benefits Of WooBloo SMASH’s High-Quality Speakers

WooBloo SMASH’s dual speakers have many features that provide its users with numerous benefits, such as:

1. Smart Functionality With In-Built Alexa

WooBloo SMASH is the world’s first Smart Projector with far-field Alexa in-built and it can be leveraged for performing various digital tasks. Whether you wish to check the weather forecasts, listen to the news, access thousands of songs, order food, book a ticket, or you want to set the alarm or reminder for the next day, you can do it all with the help of this innovative AI technology. Besides, you can easily control other smart home appliances with the help of Alexa on this device. Pretty amazing, right?

2. Can Be Used As A Hands-Free Connection to your Smartphone

The high-quality speakers as well as in-built MEMS Microphones in the device allow the users to use the system as a speakerphone for attending personal or professional calls. When both hands of the user are busy, they can use the specialized feature of conference calls while working on the system.

3. Superior Sound Quality

With the 10W of dual speakers, passive radiators, and enhanced bass, WooBloo SMASH provides superior sound quality. Whether you are watching movies with your friends or family or doing a presentation in your office, WooBloo SMASH’s dual speaker will leave no stone unturned to leave a lasting impression on the listeners.

4. Wide Sound Coverage

Another benefit of WooBloo SMASH’s high-quality Acoustic design is the production of 360 degree sound since there is a dedicated acoustic chamber where these dual speakers and passive radiators are housed. No matter how large the room is, these smart speakers can fill the entire space with crystal-clear sounds to reach a largeraudience.

5. No Need Of External Speakers

Almost all the Projectors require additional speakers to enhance the sound quality. However, as WooBloo SMASH is a perfect combination of a smart projector and a smart speaker, you need not worry about carrying an additional speaker. This single device is enough to fulfill all your multimedia needs.

6. Allows Easy portability

Since the projector comes with an in-built speaker, that too, in a lightweight and compact design, the users can carry and place it anywhere they want, like on the coffee table, conference table, etc. It is a portable projector that can be placed seamlessly at the corner of your table without causing you any inconvenience. Only stream your content from your smartphone or PC wirelessly onto the big screen and experience a clear and cinema-like quality.

7. Long-Lasting Performance

The most popular speakers are made from premium components. They are more durable and sturdier than other smart speakers within the same price range. Designed by engineers who have created Speakers for premium brands, SMASH will ensure that the performance lasts long without any degradation of sound quality.

8. Effective Sharing Options

As the speaker allows Bluetooth connectivity, the users can play audio, songs, videos, and more from their smart devices without any cables. Moreover, the wireless screen sharing option allows you to airplay or Chromecast your favorite content from your smartphone or PC.

Final Thoughts

The combination of patent-pending features and smart IoT equipment allows you to have the best out of both worlds. Indeed, the functionality and versatile features of WooBloo SMASH’s smart projector stands out among the others.

Embrace WooBloo SMASH’s crystal-clear audio and make a statement among your peers with its high performance! Enjoy a high quality sound experience in multiple spaces.

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