Every one of us would love to have a personal assistant that will always listen to our orders, anticipate our requirements, and take the actions accordingly. Thankfully the emergence of voice-controlled Smart Speaker with artificial intelligence has our dreams fulfilled. Smartphone users are also gradually shifting towards voice control smart devices for their added convenience. Smart speakers or voice-controlled devices, as some like to call it, are the most affordable way of creating a smart ecosystem in your home. Technology giants are now rushing to add advanced voice-assistive devices to their line-up for more consumer cash. The rise of must-have smart devices in the form of wearables and smart home speakers has opened up a huge market for the companies.

The rage began back in 2014 when the first versions of smart speakers rolled out, and it was an instant hit. Now smart speakers and all set to become the next big thing and giving tough competition to the latest Smartphone models. Modern iterations of smart speakers are capable of answering questions, playing music, controlling other smart devices in the home, and more.

Smart Speaker is fast becoming a mandatory device for every home, reducing people's dependence on smartphones. Companies are working continuously to find device assistive devices. Some are even trying to make their smart speakers more human-like and with natural language processing skills to make it easier for the users to communicate with these devices. Voice assistants will surely become the next big computing paradigm that will take over the popularity of smartphones. That, at one point in time, took over desktop computers. In the days to come, voice interaction is going to be a huge thing, but it would require the processing of bulk amount of data integrated machine learning features to keep the systems running.

Out of all the different kinds of smart device assistants created, smart speaker based voice assistant became the most popular. Users preferred to purchase a single device that is capable of making calls, setting alarms, answering questions, providing real-time information, controlling smart devices, music playback, and other advanced features.

Advantages of A Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are portable devices and are known for their powerful Voice Assistants from some of the most renowned technology companies that are designed for human-like responses with the aid of artificial intelligence through a speaker.

Smart Home Control

If you are having an array of smart home devices that are compatible with smart speakers, then you can set up a smart ecosystem for controlling your appliances using your voice. Presently different small and large appliances are designed to be compatible with the smart speaker's added convenience and efficiency.

Hands-free Calling and Dropping Made Easy

Smart voice assistant devices allow users to make hands free call by asking them to make a call followed by the contact name. Some devices also support business calls where the customer needs to say the name of the preferred online store. Users can also dial numbers by reading out the digits using the business name.

Additional Features

Smart home speakers can also be used for setting alarms and reminders for making calls for taking your daily medicines. The alarm can also be set for waking up or setting a timer of the household appliances such as an oven or other appliances utilised in the kitchen. Smart speakers also help in remembering places where things are stored or left.

Play Games

Smart speakers allow a user to play voice-assisted games to keep themselves engaged. Some of the devices required installing skills for playing specific games; you can explore thousands of games that are available for free play during your leisure.

Play Your Favourite Songs

Voice assistant speaker streams your favorite track from popular on-demand streaming services with more than 50 million songs on board. This orders your favorite playlist, and it will be played instantly. You can also control the volume of the speakers or mute it by using voice commands.

The Perfect Smart Speaker for Your Home

If you are in search of a perfect home entertainment device, then the WooBloo SMASH smart speaker fits your bill perfectly. WooBloo SMASH speaker with built-in Alexa is a complete Smart home device that also packs in a powerful speaker. The contemporary design and top of the line performance are what makes it the most value for money proposition at this price point.

This smart device integrated with Alexa and human intelligence brings you an unmatched interacting experience. It will keep you engaged throughout the day with the highly interactive communicating module. This smart speaker features a dedicated Ask Me button that comes in handy when you are looking for 24/7 assistance. It features some of the best hardware components, along with robust software powered by machine learning and AI. WooBloo smart speaker is a powerful entertainment device with smart capabilities that creates a seamless smart ecosystem around your home.

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