Staying at home for long weekends might be depressing for most as the entertainment options are limited! 

How long can you stare at a TV or scroll down cat memes for fun?

If you're a gamer, you know the chance to spend more time at home with your favourite hobby. But not on small screens. 


Exactly, you've got the answer in your mind! 


And this is where the importance of a smart projector comes in! 


No matter where you live or what kind of residence you have, technology is your friend. Choosing the right projector may create a meaningful experience in your bedroom, basement, outdoor, living room, etc. With the portable projector, you'll be free from the big screen size of TVs and enjoy content on a big screen or even walls. An increasing number of projectors offer full HD 1920p with upscaling to 4K. 


Features of a Smart Projector 


Here's the list of the features of using a projector while working from home. 

  • In just a few simple steps, you may project wirelessly from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.
  • You may use AirPlay to cast your iPhone's screen or operate with your Android phone. Casting via the Chrome browser takes only a few seconds if you're using a laptop.
  • Use a direct Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.


This post will discuss how a portable projector benefits work and in-house activities while staying indoors. 


1. For On-the-Go Meetings

If you give many presentations on the road or have meetings in the same place seldom, a compact, lightweight, portable projector is a good investment. Compared to merely presenting your presentation materials on a laptop, projecting your presentation materials will create a larger, clearer image.


Many smart projectors are USB-powered, and some even have wireless capabilities so that you can adapt to a variety of meeting room conditions and abilities.

2. Image Size Matters

For efficient collaboration, large displays are required. Why? People can't work together if they can’t see on which they have to work. There aren’t many circumstances in which a group—or a conference room—is small enough for everyone to huddle around a bit of screen.

In most cases, medium to large groups of people need to see and understand the same content images, and the best way to do so is to use a projector to enlarge such images. This is especially important in educational and training settings. 

Portable projectors may be small, but their displays are just as big as those of full-sized projector models. So a portable device puts out a big image with 1920p upscaling. 

3. Keeping it Engaging

We've all seen — or been seen by — someone sleeping off during a dull meeting. When one person speaks to a population segment, it is not an effective or engaging way to do business or create learning opportunities.

With an interactive portable projector, multiple people can draw on or interact with a screen simultaneously, allowing for real-time collaboration and enhanced participant engagement.

4. Exceptional Sound Quality 

When you choose the latest and tech-enriched portables, you'll find that they come with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Whether you want to attend a business meeting from the comfort of your home or give a presentation, you can choose the smart projector as it comes with high-quality sound, allowing you to provide a rich and clear presentation without any sound glitches. 

Grab a book or do whatever you want and relax with your favourite tracks playing in the background!


Also, these devices act as dedicated speakers with an engrossed sound profile, unlike with TV speakers.

Final Thoughts

So, that's a sum-up to "How a smart projector can be your best company when you are at home"!

Importantly, portable projectors go with you if needed when you venture outside, as they fit in your bag. Thanks to internal power supplies and multi-hour battery life,

Those are just examples, as you could see, that may significantly enhance your experience while allowing you to stay at home or doing work from home. 

Now, the question arises- What portable projector should you choose? 


Well, your search ends here! 


WooBloo SMASH is a new-age smart IoT device that's infused with AI-driven built-in Voice Assistant (Alexa), allowing you to manage your office work with ease. 


Looking for the best smart projector for your work? If so, visit and buy a portable projector infused with state-of-the-art features that help enhance your work efficiency and productivity.

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