Be it arthritis; autism; spectrum disorder acquired brain injury or any other type of condition, the reduced ability can cause many problems when it comes to carrying out everyday tasks. The increase in dependency can prove irritating as well as frustrating for such people.

However, the rise of 'smart' devices has transformed the lives of disabled people drastically. Thanks to the highly efficient and integrated systems, SMASH a portable smart projector, people with disabilities can turn the lights on, lock the door, or control the home appliances with just a few taps or even with Voice commands.

So, how can SMASH assist such people in fostering self-reliance? How does it provide various opportunities for them to live a life of their desires?

How can SMASH Foster Self-Reliance?

Provides Assistance With Alexa Built-In: WooBloo SMASH

comes with the AI driven voice assistant Alexa with far-field access' which offers ultimate convenience for disabled people. Whether you wish to listen to your news, check the weather forecasts, or even set the alarm for the medicines or an alarm to arrange a visit to a doctor, this revolutionary technology can make it all extremely easy for you.

Allows You To Control Your Home

With the Alexa built-in feature, you can also control various smart home appliances such as TVs, locks, smart lights, etc. Whether you wish to change the channel of your TV, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature of your room, switch the AC ON or OFF, lock or unlock the door, or check your security cameras, you can do it all either with just a few clicks on your smartphone or by giving voice commands to SMASH. This is especially beneficial as well as important for people living with limited mobility.

Foster Effective Communication with Far-Field Recognition

As WooBloo SMASH consists of in-built MEMS microphones, you can effectively and conveniently talk to Alexa even if you are far away from the smart projector. This feature can prove a boon in emergencies and unexpected situations, especially for people with physical disabilities.

Allows You To Take Calls Easily With Echo Noise Cancellation

This is particularly beneficial for people who have limited mobility with their hands or other body parts. This feature serves as a boon for quickly taking calls without any inconvenience or obstacle as SMASH can connect to your Smartphone and act as a hands free device.

Helps In Loneliness & Depression

People with disabilities experience social isolation linked to depression and poor mental and physical health. The in-built voice assistant Alexa in SMASH provides strong support as well as companionship in their most needed times. Studies have also shown that while speaking with voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, people were reported to improve their mood and emotional health.

Premium Sound Output for Hearing Disabilities

As this smart projector has 360 dual surrounded speakers, the sound quality can surpass the mild or moderate hearing disability in individuals. It becomes easy for the people living with hearing impairment to listen loud and clear with the striking clear sound.

Final Thoughts

WooBloo SMASH is certainly a revolutionary device designed to cater to the needs of a plethora of individuals. However, when it comes to providing digital assistance to people living with disabilities, SMASH can be considered as one of the best smart devices to serve the purpose, that too, without breaking your bank.

With the perfect blend of various innovative functionalities and features, this smart projector-cum-smart speaker can play a pivotal role in making everything easier for special individuals. Whether it is to use for work or home, SMASH will never disappoint you in any terms.

So, embrace WooBloo SMASH for having a seamless experience and allow yourself to live the life of your desire without any dependency!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit & make a valuable investment today!!

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