Like you can't run a business without a smartphone, traditional projectors can no longer be a viable option to meet the modern meeting room's mushrooming needs.

Simple things such as setting up a wireless connection could be time-consuming and frustrating, often takes a long time, and could require IT support!! They also require you to connect with them through cables to your laptops as they do not have the wireless screen sharing options as well.

And this is where the importance of smart projectors comes in!!

Before heading to its uses and benefits, let's discuss what exactly they are!

What is a Smart Projector?

A smart projector is generally a portable device with a perfect blend of the latest display technologies with smart integrated functionality. With today's smart projectors, you can easily connect your laptops, mobile devices, and home network to enjoy an amazing viewing experience.

These devices are known for their portable design, long life LED lamp technology, voice control, app integration, and streaming functionality.

Because business's requirements are more about meetings, virtual communication, and display, smart projectors for corporates are equipped with a built-in Android operating system and built-in business applications that ultimately result in hassle-free and quick wireless usage. It's the all-in-one display solution in your meeting room that may help facilitate your discussions smoothly.

Key features of a Smart Projector

  • Instant wireless projection from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop in a few easy steps.
  • You can easily cast your iPhone screen via AirPlay or work with your Android phone. If you're using a laptop, then casting via the Chrome browser takes just a few seconds.
  • For wireless connections, use direct Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth.

Now you might be wondering, what's the difference between wireless projectors and smart projectors for business?

While these wireless projectors are better at reducing cable clutter, they majorly operate on the function of mirror casting. But smart projectors go the extra mile! In addition to providing the key benefits of wireless projectors, these smart gadgets are more about facilitating efficient meetings and creating a productive work environment. Like general wireless projectors, they also offer mirror casting capabilities and come with their own OS and built-in business applications that lead to employee collaboration and transparent business communication.

How is Smart Projectors Ideal for Business/Meeting Room environment?

Smart projectors are enabled with business apps like WPS Office and Firefox and come with direct access to the internet, eliminating the need for additional devices in the meeting room. Their super-fast connectivity significantly reduces the reliance on other devices.

  • They support BYOD policies and help improve the employee's participation and engagement levels of employees, thereby making the meetings productive and conducive to business benefits.
  • IT managers Don't need to invest their crucial time in troubleshooting and fixing technical faults with smart projectors.
  • Cost-saving is the most significant advantage of today's projectors. They are eminence collaboration technologies and come with a long lamp life; ultimately, Smart projectors would significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  • Because smart projectors do not come with any restrictions and are compatible with all types of devices, now users can easily switch during meetings, and there is no time wasted on technical problems.

After knowing the meaning and uses of smart projectors, it's time to understand how you can connect your device to a projector.

How to Connect your Device to a Smart Projector?

1. Connect Wirelessly via Chromecast

One of the easiest and best ways to connect an Android device to a projector is to use Google Chromecast. However, ensure that your projector must support HDMI connections.

Once you plug your Chromecast into the HDMI port, you can wirelessly stream your Android device screen to it. After that, your Chromecast will display the contents through the projector.

Ensure that you've already disabled power-saving mode on your smartphone, which might reduce the video stream's quality.

2. Wired Connections

If you Don't want to go with a wireless option, you can opt for a wired connection instead. Nearly all mobile devices (exceptions are always there) come with a USB-C or a micro USB.

With the right cable, you can connect your Android device to a projector that has an HDMI cable.

Make sure you Don't do anything extraordinary; connect your USB-C device to your projector. Check whether the projector is set to the correct HDMI input.

3. Wi-Fi Direct

To use Wi-Fi Direct, you can do this within your Android device. The steps, however, can vary from different smartphones and Android devices.

Don't forget to check whether your projector supports Wi-Fi Direct.

Go to the Wi-Fi menu, ensure the setting is turned on, and then tap "Wi-Fi Direct" On other Android devices, you may need to go to "Advanced" or "Wi-Fi Preferences" in the menu section, and then tap "Wi-Fi Direct" to access that menu.

Your Android device will then scan for nearby Chromecast. Don't forget to locate your device and then tap it to connect. Your Samsung device should connect to your projector, and you're all set to stream.

Final Thoughts

So, that's a wrap to the use of smart projectors for meeting rooms/business.

But now the question arises, what smart projector to choose for professional purposes?

If you are looking for a smart projector that may perfectly cater to your corporate needs and budgets, choose none other than WooBloo SMASH! This smart projector is an ideal choice for your corporate needs, from streaming your content from your smartphones to project onto the big screen to manage team meetings.

With tons of features like 1080p HD projector, Bluetooth 5.0, super-fast Wi-Fi connectivity, and 3 hours of projector playtime on a single charge, this smart device is the best new-age device to invest in.

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