People often get confused when it comes to deciding whether to buy a big-screen TV or a projector. In most cases, TVs are the default choice for home entertainment, and projectors are specifically considered for commercial purposes and movie theatres.

The popularity of televisions keeps people away from projectors for their homes, but in reality, good quality smart projectors are available at similar price points, with better features. Now let us understand which a better choice is by comparing their features so that you will find it easier to decide for your next purchase.

What is your budget?

Price is probably one of the biggest myths about Smart Projector that keep consumers from buying them for home use. Projectors are much more affordable when compared to large-screen high-resolution television sets. You can find yourself a decent HD projector well under $1000. On the other hand, good quality 80-inch television will come for around $1500 or more. When speaking of televisions, screen sizes are just the starting point for most buyers; additional features drive up the cost significantly.

Picture Quality and Resolution

The emergence of 4K Technology took the market by storm, and both decent quality projector and large screen TV now come equipped with this Technology delivering stunning picture quality. There is a lot to understand when it comes to screen resolution; the differences are more apparent when photo/video is viewed on a huge screen. In television screens, large numbers of pixels are made to fit within a very small area, which makes it hard to distinguish.

This is where Smart Projectors makes a difference; the large screen size is capable of displaying an incredible amount of details with 4K Technology. However, the growing size of the television screen is gradually closing the gap between the two. If you're looking to enjoy 4K content at its best, then projectors are the things to go for.

Screen Size

Undoubtedly projectors offer larger screen sizes in comparison to a large-screen television. Most of the modern televisions are available with a maximum of 80 inches screen size, and some top of the line variants exceed 100 inches but are way more expensive than a good quality projector.

Screen Brightness

Brightness is one of the most important aspects of every viewing device; you will require a much darker room to keep the picture clear when the screen lacks adequate brightness. WooBloo SMASH usually requires a dimmed room for producing a clear picture, just like a home cinema or dedicated media room. Do not expect a decent entry-level projector to produce enough light to be viewed in an open living room. If you wish to you, enjoy your favorite movies and television shows in a dedicated media room, the dim light of a projector is easier and much comfortable on the eyes.


Projectors can put out very high contrast ratios. Still, contrast is a function of brightness; therefore, as discussed above, you will not be able to understand the brightness of a projector unless it is viewed in a completely dark room. The colors produced by a projector tend to wash out in bright surroundings, thereby ruining the contrast. If you have a dedicated media room with all the necessary arrangements, then a smart projector is what you need to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Do you have adequate room for a screen?

Portable Projectors in itself are very small devices that require very little space, but the screen needs to be put neatly to enjoy the contents to the fullest. You need to have adequate space so that the distance between the screen and the viewer is sufficient for viewing comfortably. Light-colored walls can be used as the screen without necessarily buying a projector screen but the projector needs to be placed at the optimum distance from the wall in order to get the best picture quality. The idea of cramming an oversize screen into a small room is very poor; it will force you to sit close to the screen, making it difficult to observe the details of the contents.

Quality of Sound

All modern televisions come equipped with inbuilt speakers and some high-end projectors also, but the performance is not always up to the mark. If you are looking to have true entertainment experience, this is always a good idea to invest in a dedicated speaker system. However, WooBloo SMASH gives you a powerful sound system with Stereo speakers which is generally compromised in many portable projectors in order to make them truly small and portable. Also with the capability to connect with external Bluetooth Speakers, WooBloo SMASH provides great flexibility for users to enjoy surround sound.

The Perfect Portable Smart Speaker

If you are looking for an all in one entertainment device with revolutionary features, the WooBloo Smart Projector is the one to go for. This one-of-a-kind best smart projector doubles up as a speaker and a smart home device with integrated IoT support. It is a perfect blend of stunning looks and groundbreaking performance, with a host of features bundled into a single device.

WooBloo SMASH Smart Projector is the first AI-powered smart projector with inbuilt Alexa and human intelligence. The bottom half of the device packs in a powerful dual 10W speakers coupled with passive radiators to give you the perfect stereo experience without compromising on the Bass. The dedicated Ask Me button provides the luxury of having access to a 24/7 concierge desk powered by Human Intelligence.

This device houses the world's smallest full HD projector powered by DLP technology, a 120-degree viewing angle, and autofocus functionality. Built-in Voice Assistant Alexa is your perfect companion for checking the weather forecasts, calendars, news updates, accessing music and video playlists, etc. It gets a powerful battery with around 3 hours of video playback and 30 hours of music playback. Additional features include far-field voice recognition, wireless screen sharing, echo noise cancellation, and in-built Bluetooth display. This all in one entertainment device will completely transform the definition of home entertainment like never before.

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