If we have a cursory glance at the past, then the projectors used to be noisy and clumsy, along with low picture quality. However, there has been a paradigm shift in the world of projectors today. From improved 4K picture, mitigated noise to Bluetooth compatibility, and sharper graphics, projectors have drastically changed for the better. Besides, smart projectors are also compatible with voice command programs such as Google Assistant and voice assistant. This allows users to do everything by using their voice, such as powering the device on/off, adjusting the volume as per requirements, controlling playback, and much more.

When it comes to purchasing an all-in-one smart projector, then WooBloo SMASH is a revolutionary choice. Meticulously designed while keeping in mind the users needs, this smart projector is genuinely an all-in-one technical device that you might not have experienced before.

Many factors will matter when selecting a projector. Let's examine some of the most important ones, though not in any particular order of significance:

1. Massive HD Projection

Undoubtedly, SMASH provides massive HD projection with its in-built 1080p HD projector. This means that the image will not use upscale technology. Instead, you will get true 4K: UHD, native 1920 X 1080, with 2.1 million pixels. You can use the HDMI input port to plug in your Chromecast or Firestick dongle and enjoy your all-time favourite streaming applications. Moreover, you can also enjoy high-quality wireless screen-casting from your iOS or Android devices onto this smart projector.

2. Alexa Built-In

The best smart projectors are compatible with voice command programs. WooBloo SMASH comes with your favorite voice assistant Alexa which is built-in. Whether you want to check the weather forecast, set alarms, listen to the news, or wish to access millions of songs, you can do it all with this device that is powered by the latest AI technology.

3. 4x The Brightness for Striking Clarity

It also features 300 ANSI lumens brightness that is bright enough to lighten up your whole room. Gone are those days when the projections used to be so hard to figure out. With WooBloo SMASH, you will never be disappointed in terms of clarity as well as quality.

4. Experience 10W Of Dual Surround Speakers

If we talk about sound quality, most portable smart projectors compromise with it. But with WooBloo SMASH, you will get 10W of pure and premium quality sound output with enhanced bass powered by dual speakers as well as passive radiators.

5. Long last battery Up To 30 Hours of Music Playback on a Single Charge

You will be amazed to know that you can enjoy up to 3 hours of video playback and up to 30 hours of music playback on a single charge. You can connect to your standard power socket or place your device on the charging dock for super-fast charging.

6. Plug & Play with Ease

While using smart projectors, ports and connections become incredibly vital. This smart projector supports Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth streaming connection so that you can stream easily from your mobile phone or laptop. This device allows you to use remote control streaming, and playing quite easy and convenient.

7. Auto-Adjust For Picture-Perfect Viewing

Its auto-adjust feature will automatically select the picture mode based on the content being viewed. The quality of the image will be based on its type and the genre of the program so that you can enjoy picture-perfect viewing.

8. Projector Powered by DLP Technology

WooBloo Smash has the world's smallest 1080p projector engine powered by DLP technology with a screen projection of up to 120" display. Therefore, you can enjoy your movies or shows on the big screen with full HD quality.

9. Instant Auto-Focus Capability

Auto Focus is a truly smart feature for smart projectors. With instant auto-focus capability, SMASH ensures that the image is crisp and clear no matter how many times the device is moved around which eliminates to manually focus the projector lens. This adds to the portability of the device.

10. Built-In Android OS

This smart projector comes with in-built android OS and Bluetooth, which allow the users to stream movies and shows quickly and perform tasks that would otherwise require a laptop or computer.

11. Cast From Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

You can Chrome cast or Airplay any content on this smart projector from your iOS or Android device. You can also connect your SMASH device to any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming. Whether you want to use it at work or home, this projector will save you from any inconvenience or hurdles.

12. The Ultimate Cinema Experience, Now Easy, To Carry

You can enjoy your favorite movies, series, sports games, and much more on the big screen with its native 1080p resolution, which can throw a crisp image up to 120" screen size. As this smart projector is quite portable, you can gain the ultimate cinema experience wherever you want.

Therefore, WooBloo SMASH smart projector is a perfect blend of the latest display technology and smart integrated functionality. This portable device can make your life easier in a myriad of ways. It will easily connect with your smartphones, home networks, and workplace devices in a manner so that you can have a seamless viewing experience. Therefore, whether it is for outdoor parties, small functions, or to give a high-quality presentation at work, this projector is never going to let you down.

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