If you are looking forward to purchasing yourself a smart projector for your home, then this is a perfect time. Smart Projector have come a long way from the time of their inception and now come with features that are even hard to find on the latest smart TV. Flagship smart TVs now fail to match the versatility and portability offered by smart projectors; you will get a much more crisp viewing experience coupled with immersive visuals and audio.

Picking up a projector for your home theatre

Today appliances of all types are categorized as smart products depending upon the Technology they are running. When you hear the term smart the first things that come to your mind are smart TVs or smartphones, but things have changed, and there is more to this list. Companies have come up with smart home theatres that have further fueled the battle between televisions and projectors. Smart projectors are now equipped with cutting edge technology and design for the mass consumer and have added more value to the home theatre system.

Advantages of having a smart projector

Smart projectors today are much more technically superior when compared to smart televisions from different brands. People looking for an immersive audiovisual experience to enjoy their favorite web series, movies, and shows are opting for projectors over high-end television sets. However, most of the buyers are not aware of the technical specifications, which are always helpful before investing your money. The following are some of the notable features of smart projectors that are winning hearts and minds of potential television buyers.

Smart Features

Consumers seem to be greatly interested in products that wear the 'smart' tag beside their names irrespective of their features. But that is not the case when it comes to Smart devices they come with some of the essential smart features like support of on-demand streaming services, compatibility with Android and iOS platforms, compatible with smart home devices, integrated AI, and IoT support, and much more.

Smart projectors that are available in the form of lamp-free smart theatre have almost all the features that one would expect from a smart entertainment hub, you are guaranteed of an entirely different experience altogether once you get yourself a smart projector for your home theatre.

Lamp Free Design

The moment you think of projectors, the first thing that comes to mind is those overhead projectors that were found in classes, and other commercial places as well. Old models featured a completely different layout and used massive mirrors and lamps for projecting the image on the screen. The cost of ownership of the older models was significantly high, and most people avoided buying projectors for their homes due to maintenance hassles. Modern projectors have evolved a lot, and now the cost of ownership is a fraction of what it used to be most importantly they are now available in a variety of configurations which includes smart creators with lamp-free Technology.

The latest smart projectors do not require large lamps, and the projection is made using a completely different system known as solid-state illumination. It comprises a combination of laser lights and LEDs that are used for projecting the images. This provides a long life span and better color production capabilities while reducing environmental impacts.

Top of the line viewing experience

Irrespective of the integrated features in a projector, it will not find enough customers until and unless it produces top-quality visuals. Smart projectors designed for home theatres are created specifically to produce rich colors and vivid images. These devices are now capable of projecting on all sizes and types of services. The latest version of Smart projectors now comes integrated with advanced picture engines that were previously only limited to televisions.

Smart projectors support 4K UHD, 3D, and HDR formats for the ultimate big-screen viewing experience. Moreover, better frame interpolation and color gamut ratios create outstanding visuals with striking colors. When it comes to televisions to experience true 4K UHD quality, it is necessary to have a screen size larger than 75 inches so that the pixels can be prominently distinguished.

Unmatched audiovisual experience

Even if you own a flagship television with the largest possible screen size, the audiovisual experience will still be restricted by several inherent factors. Televisions come with a definite screen size that cannot be extended or moved.

Smart Projectors are not limited to specific screen sizes and have compact dimensions; you will surely get a much immersive audiovisual experience compared to TVs. Projectors are much more flexible when it comes to using them in a variety of different surroundings like smart theatres, outdoor sections, lecture halls, classrooms, etc.

Make maximum utilization of the space

Large screen televisions take a significant amount of space in the living room, and this is particularly apparent when it is turned off. On the other hand, smart projectors come as a suitable alternative that requires a very small amount of space weather it is used for projecting on a bare wall or a retractable screen it needs a very small amount of space when compared to television.

Quick and easy setup

Smart projectors are equipped with modern amenities like the cordless design to instant on/off, short distance throw, and much more. Setting up a device and using it regularly has never been so convenient when combined with additional features like automated focus that makes it even more desirable among consumers.

Best multi-niche smart projector

WooBloo SMASH smart projector is a unique combination of smart devices for your modern home that also serves as a high-end speaker and smart home device powered by IoT. It stands out as a perfect combination of contemporary design and top-notch performance packed into a single unit. The bottom half of the product houses powerful 20-watt speakers with 360-degree surround sound to give the users a perfect immersive theatrical experience.

The small dimensions of the Smart Device with built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI module is just perfect for every corner of a modern home. It will become your perfect companion for checking weather forecasts, reminders, alarms, news updates, and more with integrated assistant powered by AI. This smart projector is a complete entertainment device that will add another dimension to your home entertainment experience.

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