A speaker with a voice command device having an integrated virtual assistant offering hands free activations and actions is a smart speaker. Smart speakers with voice assistants act as an intelligent feature utilizing various connectivity like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other protocol standards to spread its usage beyond playing music to control Home automation devices. The features can include compatibility across several platforms and services, virtual assistants, peer to peer connection with mesh networking and several others.

Each smart speaker comes with its designated interface and in-house features that can be controlled or launched through Home automation software or applications.

Smart speakers have gained immense popularity in recent years, leading to a variety of smart speakers being launched in the market, manufactured by different companies. Use the device's voice assistant feature to perform a variety of things from controlling your lights to order food online to get information about the weather, date, time, and much more.

Voice Assistant Technology

Voice assistant technology or virtual or Al assistant is a task-oriented programming application that carries out commands given by the users by recognizing human speech. Being powered by AI, the technology stores the data in cloud storage, which is already a home for millions of phrases and words in it. There are two types of voice assistant software namely:

  • Consumer-facing voice assistants
  • Chatbot and virtual mobile assistance

The first type is used as a home automation system that allows the controlling of electronic gadgets, lighting, appliances, and many other things. They require an internet connection to operate efficiently.

What can an Intelligent Personal Assistant do?

Using smart speakers' voice assistant technology, you can quickly change your daily life and complete your regular chores efficiently and promptly. Here are some of the things with which a smart speaker's voice assistant can help you.

1. Order Food

Want to order food online? Create a list of your favorite restaurants using smart speaker's voice assistant technology and make them store it with themselves. Whenever you wish to order food online, command them to order food from the restaurant you want without picking up your phone.

2. Book A Ticket

Get the fare details of tickets quickly and compare them on various sites. Make your smart speakers voice assistant technology book the most competitive ticket for you and stay assured to have no worries about it.

3. Book A Cab

Book a ride for yourself or for your friends easily by commanding the smart speaker's voice assistant technology. Provide them with the location details and ask them to book a cab for you and in no time you will get your ride at the doorstep.

4. Ask for the weather

Ask the smart speaker voice assistant to provide you with the weather forecast of today or the next day. Plan your schedule accordingly. Some of the voice assistant features measure the weather in Fahrenheit; however, you can change this default measuring unit to Celsius if you would like to.

5. Play Music

As Bob Marley said, the best thing about music is that you feel no pain when it hits you. It was the best phrase to describe our emotions to music. A smart speaker's voice assistant understands this emotion and plays the music of your favorite band based on your command or mood.

6. Ask Questions

Are you stuck with something and want answers to those questions? Ask your smart speaker's voice assistant the question you are stuck with and get accurate answers in fraction of seconds.

7. Listen To The Latest News

Are you interested in politics or technology or love Sports? No matter what your niche is, ask your smart speaker's voice assistant to pull up news about the sectors you like. Also, you can ask about some specific news or play news from around the world through your favorite news channel.

8. In The Kitchen

If you want to cook something for yourself but don't know the recipe for it, command your smart speaker&apox;s voice assistant to pull up the recipe of the dish you want to prepare. Ask them to guide you through the steps, and you can make the dish with ease.


Make your life simpler and more comfortable with a smart speaker's voice assistant technology. Despite having the best voice assistants in our phones and homes, most of us don't enjoy the benefits of having them. However, once we are aware of their ins and outs, there is no way that one would back themselves out. The technology is here to make you fall in love with it. You will be using it for your daily activities like smart home controllers, personal DJ, keeping a record of your schedule, sending alerts, making phone calls, and many many more.

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