Well, this is an era of smart speakers where through Voice assistant, it won't just play music but does whatever you command. These gadgets not only serve as extraordinary conversationalists, but it also provides you with information about the weather, reminds you about your appointments or even controls all your smart devices at home. Although this has just begun with Amazon Echo, today we have a big list of smart speakers to choose from. Before purchasing a smart speaker, it is essential to own a voice assistant.

Speakers that can communicate with us are there for many decades. However, the one we can talk to is still new in the market. What should we look into before choosing the most appropriate smart speaker? From cheap options to the most premium of sonic experience, continue reading for the picks of best smart speakers 2020.

Sonos One

This smart speaker is allowing you to pair up two units for playing stereo or multi-room audio. However, even by using just one speaker, the user can play the amazing and widest range of music genres. The cost of this amazing device is $ 200, which is significantly lesser in comparison to various other products. It offers premium sound quality at this price. It comprises of both Alexa & also Google Assistant both built-in and you can pick up the one you would like to use for voice commands during your setup. Since Sonos one is being embedded with Airplay 2 of Apple, and thus it can be controlled easily by any of the Siri- enabled devices that include the iPhone. Added up further, this particular device has great sound quality and comes at a reasonable cost. This particular smart speaker can conveniently fit into your household that is being centered either on Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

Google Nest Mini

Amazon undeniably used to be the leader in the smart speaker market. However, even the company Google has already done amazing work by catching up the digital assistance. Well presently Google assistant possesses as many capabilities just like Alexa and this is what makes this $50 priced Google Nest mini quite a solid alternative to Amazon Echo dot in the whole quest to find out the best quality smart speaker. This second-generation Google nest mini enables you to control the speaker with just voice. All you have to do is to ask Google assistant for help, and you can get the best information about almost anything. Also, this speaker has compatibility with several other devices, for example, lights, thermostats, or locks. Since it is capable of recognizing multiple voices, it provides you and your family member a different set of answers even if you ask the same question. In a nutshell, Google's company still possesses an edge in intelligence assistant. Google next mini is amazing and low-cost tactic to take the benefit of smart speakers.

Amazon Echo Plus - 2nd Generation

Deciding upon the assistant that you want to make central to your smartphone is undeniably a tough call. Both Alexa, as well as Google assistant, possess the capability to work with a wide range of devices. The Amazon Echo plus combines the most usual of Alexa smart with a speaker device that sounds amazing and possesses a smart home hub built-in for syncing the small sensors with it and not just requiring buying more of the gear. This next-generation speaker is much better than the previous versions. It comprises the temperature sensor & also upgraded speakers. When you are searching for Alexa enabled speaker with the integration of Zigbee hub, then Echo plus can surely be one of the best bets.


The WooBloo SMASH is an all in one entertainment speaker. It imparts users with the best of both worlds. It comprises of AI-driven voice assistant called Alexa along with Human Intelligence. The Amazon Alexa voice assistant is being inbuilt into the device. There is also a full HD projector (1080 p). The users can watch favorite media through a portable projector that is being powered by DLP technology. With the help of ask me button, the user can gain access to the concierge desk. This imparts them the luxury of owning their own personal assistant. There is also an inbuilt MEMS microphone. This makes users talk to Alexa conveniently. Apart from that, there is also a specialized feature for the conference calls when both of the user's hands are busy while working on the system. This equipment is imbibed with wireless screen sharing features due to an airplay/ Chromecast from your smartphone for playing content on the system.

This speaker is patent-pending and smart IoT equipment that imparts you the best of both worlds.

Google Nest Hub

Although Amazon Company has already introduced smart display with its Echo show but looking at Google, it has wholly refined this particular concept through the introduction of nest hub. In terms of design, along with how it leverages voice assistant. The user can expect the same features in Google nest hub, just like the one present in the company's home speaker line. Apart from that, there is also a screen interference, which imparts you, the right volume of visual feedback as well. It also demonstrates the spoken of commands so that that you get the idea that Google has heard it rightly. Also, there is a voice control feature, and compatibility with multiple devices like lights, television from just a unified dashboard. With a voice match feature, you can achieve your own personalized calendar, commute, gain answers from Google company and get much more.

Final words

The best smart speakers of year 2020 are extremely versatile gadgets. They are not only meant for playing music but also control various smart devices at our homes. Plus the gadgets come with a virtual assistant that is ready to answer all your questions. The voice assistant like WooBloo Smash, Google nest hub, Amazon Echo Plus has already taken the entire world by storm. The reason being they can do so much. WooBloo Smash comes with so many versatile features and gives the best of both worlds. Out of so many amazing choices, deciding upon which of the smart speaker will be best for you is a tough call. All you can do is figure out the options and features you would like. In this way, you would quickly be able to narrow down the options and find the best product.

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