Due to today’s advanced and innovative technology, projectors have become smarter and more powerful. Whether you are teaching your children to discover their surroundings via art or giving professional presentations, a smart projector’s quality is so high that it intensifies colors and helps your project shine out stylishly.

When talking about WooBloo SMASH portable smart projector, it can serve as an excellent tool for artists. If you enjoy painting, drawing, or tracing, you'll agree that a larger picture is preferable, and projects go nicely with projectors. So, in addition to watching and gaming, SMASH is great for practising your art and working on art projects.

Do you wish to know how you can use SMASH in your art projects or tasks? Then, stay tuned with this post!

Why Should You Use SMASH In Your Art Projects?

By providing you with a large platform to practice and work on, SMASH smart projector extends your insight past the restrictions of more modest screens and the less detailed contribution of a console or touchscreen.

In addition to the fact that you get to work on your craft on a big screen with the smart projector, you acquire the capacity to exhibit your work in a major and striking manner that is altogether different from passing around a cell phone or having your friends look at your work on a 14" PC.

How Can You Use SMASH In Your Art Projects?

Mural Painting If you have ever wanted a mural painted on a large wall in your home, a SMASH smart projector can allow you to do so without being an artist. You can quickly draw the mural by drawing along lines after projecting the respective image on a wall.

Anyone can create a mural by using SMASH portable smart projector. All you have to do is pick a picture to paint and project it onto the wall. Next, trace over the projected image’s lines using a pencil, then invite others or your guests to help fill in the mural with paint.


1. Art Projection

There is no denying that SMASH portable projector is a handy tool for art lovers and artists. If you wish to display your masterpieces in the rooms of your house, SMASH makes it all easy for you. Just project your artwork on the walls of your home and uniquely showcase your artistic taste to impress your friends. Sounds amazing, right?


2. Draw Portraits With Grid Method

One of the essential aspects of drawing portraits is being accurate. With WooBloo SMASH smart projector, you can use the grid method of drawing pictures. The photo is divided into small increments, which serve as a great way for training the beginner’s eyes and hands. As this method teaches you to see everything in small, it provides great accuracy in your portrait.


3. Create A Seasonal Scene

When the season is around the bend, families are caught up with decorating homes and getting ready for merriments. If you have a SMASH smart projector available, you can make customized designs to ensure the best occasion show in your area.

For Halloween, your pumpkins can wake up and begin recounting creepy stories, sing, or make senseless faces by projecting content onto them. On Christmas, you can decorate the outside of your home with Santa coming into the lounge with a significant pack of presents, reindeer, and whatnot.


4. Shadow Puppet Show

SMASH smart projector is likewise a phenomenal method to carry out a shadow puppet show. Whether utilizing your hands or genuine manikins, venture a white light onto the wall or tabletop. Your shadow puppet show may recount a story, or you may very well show your family how to shape their hands.


5. Learn To Draw For Kids

If you need to support imaginative tendencies among your kids, SMASH smart projectors gives the unmistakable and roomy organization the youthful ones identify with best. Just project a picture from your phone and see how your children react to scale with astonishment. The huge projected screens imply more active work, as children and grown-ups move around rather than simply utilizing thumbs and forefingers with other gadgets.


6. Colorful Lightning Show

Do you wish to experience a DJ-like lightning show in your home? You can do it with SMASH portable projector. Just download any software that can display colorful lightings and project it on the wall. The colorful lights will reflect all over the room and will create a festive ambience.


7. Enhance Your Cooking Art

At times you want to prepare a decent supper for your friends and family. You need to follow the steps cautiously whenever you have downloaded a tasty recipe and loaded up the kitchen storage space with all food essentials. However, we as a whole know how it goes when you utilize your smartphone while cooking a recipe. Oil sprinkles all around your phone, and your hands are all covered with flours.

So, utilize SMASH smart projector to enhance your cooking art. Just download the cooking video, project it on the kitchen wall, and let your cooking skills improve like never before!



Smart projectors have been acquiring momentum among experts and sprouting artists for quite a long time. However, with better and incredible innovations, there comes developed accessibility and utility.

Thanks to smart projectors, as they have moved from multiplexes to our homes. Thus, it would be best if you did not restrict your imagination to a little and rectangular display of your smartphones. Instead, make your wall your canvas and find an ultimately better approach to creating your artwork. Once everything is on your wall, you can create your masterpiece in grand style and size. Then, be it your home or studio, you can dedicate yourself to art in the most amazing manner.

So, embrace WooBloo SMASH and open up your artistic self like never before.

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