A smart projector is a compact device with extra inputs that combines the latest & advanced technology with integrated functionality. This product is utilized for the purpose of entertainment and also presentations. Just like a conventional projector, this device takes the input in the form of audio or video signals and converts into output. It possesses the capability to connect to the internet along with various other sources for large formats and quick presentations meant to addresses a larger audience. The new generation portable projectors can be connected to mobile phones, home networks along with content services for an extremely seamless amazing viewing experience. It has made lives much easier than ever before by performing a myriad of innovative functions. In fact, such products are able to do anything which a smart television can actually do and that too on a much bigger screen. Well, today the equipment comes in extremely interesting and also most unconventional of designs. They are unique in many ways.

Set of Innovative Features in Smart Projectors

Projectors are clearly defined for their portable, compact size, lamp-free technology, integrated functionality, in the build system, voice control along with streaming functionality features. So when we are looking to buy a best smart projector it is extremely crucial to search for the most appropriate mix of features.

Compact Design

Today the projectors have achieved a highly compact design. Projectors comes in an extremely small size. In fact, they can easily fit into their pockets. Although projectors meant for home entertainment are bit bigger sized but they are available in a portable design.

LED Source Light

Today the LED projectors are integrated with the advanced DLP technology. Looking at this particular technology, it imparts a much longer life span to the product helping you to achieve better returns on your investment. The conventional bulb based projectors used to go dim over a period of time but the LED projectors remain bright. There are also second-generation projectors that are available in the market. These actually combine red, green along with double blue light sources for increasing color saturation along with luminosity.


The highest-end projectors consider them as the true 4K. This means 4K and smart LED projectors offer the finest of resolution. Well, the pictures will not utilize up scaled technology. Irrespective of that the user gets true 4K, UHD, 3840 * 2160 with 8.3 million pixels.


Looking at lumens, it actually measures the light output from the projector. Well, the smart projectors in today's time are utilizing LED light sources and this is the reason why they are often mentioned as LED lumens. So more is the brightness of the room, higher is the lumens required. In contrast, the darker room requires less lumen, thereby facilitating you to focus more on various other specifications.

App Store

The projectors eliminate the requirement of additional streaming devices that are meant for entertainment. There is also easy integration of the projector with most of the devices.

Voice Control

Apart from the integrated app store, there is also the voice control feature present in the versatile product. So there is no requirement for any remote. All you can do is to just turn the smart projector on or off by simply asking for Google or Alexa itself.


When you want to do streaming, always look for the smart projector that can actually be connected straight away to your smartphone or even laptop. For this, you need a projector with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and you have to ensure that technologies between the two connect. In some of the projectors, you can also take this one step further as well, thereby allowing you to convert a mobile phone into your remote control.

Short Throw

There is no need now to actually mount the projector to the ceiling. These projectors provide a much better option considered as a short throw. This is an extremely eminent feature especially when you want to stream straight away from the coffee table. The ultra-short-throw feature facilitates the user to place the projector flush against the wall area that you are looking forward to projecting upon.

Additional Features

Looking at the innumerable of smart features, you can easily decide upon the ones that are most crucial to you and there are certain additional features as well that can help you in making your purchase decision.

Autofocus & Auto Keystone Smart Feature

This is remarkably a smart and innovative feature. It facilitates the projector to work automatically for the user. There is a small-sized motor that actually rotates the lens for sharpening the image. The auto keystone functionality is great when you are actually viewing the angle optimal. So the projector can very well perform this function for you.

Sound System Quality

Since various components of the smart projector has to be integrated into a compact form and thus there is a compromise with sound to a certain extent. So in case you are not having an optimum sound technology integrated into your home theatre then you should opt for the premium quality speakers.

Ports and Connections

The ports and connections are extremely relevant when you are not streaming from your smartphone. There are HDMI2.0 port connections that offer much better support especially for 4K UHD content along with USB-C connections. This facilitates the users to charge the mobile phone while you are mirroring the screen simultaneously.

Screen Mirroring

This feature enables a user to cast the mobile phone on to a big screen. It works as quite a big enhancement for all those who are already having a bulk of content within their mobile phones.

WooBloo Smash - Combination of Smart Speaker and Projector

Before you go out and pick up the right projector, there are many features that you need to consider. If you truly wish to buy a stunning smart projector that imbibes versatile features, you can look at the WooBloo SMASH which is a combination of best smart speaker and projector. This product is capable of performing many other functions beyond that. With full HD screen and Amazon Alexa, you can enjoy watching movies on a big screen. In fact, it is the smallest projector that is imbibed with DLP technology. Since WooBloo SMASH comprises of inbuilt Alexa, users can utilize it for controlling many home appliances as well.


The best smart projector is undeniably a source of endless entertainment opportunities and you can enjoy it without even breaking the bank. Thus best in class features are present in one single device. Depending upon the use, you can break down these devices into more meaningful categories. It can be utilized for business presentations, home theatre, or gaming. For projecting multimedia and games, the user certainly needs a product that throws the image into widescreen formats. You can read the reviews on various business & consumer projectors that are launched in the market every year and evaluate features. However, the choice of right projector depends upon what all features you want.

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