In earlier times the idea that you could bring your projector wherever you actually go seems to be like fiction or maybe for people who could burn a large amount of cash. But it is not the case in today's time. With the advent of smart projectors, carrying the device in the pocket no longer seems to be unrealistic. The best thing is that you no longer have to drape down several thousands of dollars for purchasing your favorite projector. The smart projectors cast the images of theatre quality on-screen. They are portable and come in notebook-sized packages.

Before buying the projector of your choice, there are many factors to be considered. Given below are some of the most crucial factors to be considered before purchasing the projector. Check out different types of portable projectors and some of the most noticeable features.



These devices are ultra-compact. Some of the products are not larger than the size of a smartphone. Various others resemble miniaturized multimedia devices. The pocket projectors can also be viewed as the substitute for screens that you can carry along with you. Since the products typically utilize LED lamps, thus power consumption is minimized. The brightness of pico projectors ranges in between 25 to 1500 ASI lumens and that of a decent multimedia device starts with a brightness of 2500 lumens.


Well, this is something that represents a larger part of the category. These devices are meant for general use and utilized for various activities like preparing presentations, screening video clips, or slide shows. The equipment is considered portable and some of the models are ultra-slim. The brightness of devices ranges in between 2500 to 4500 lumens. They possess zoom lenses. But the zoom range is mostly shorter in comparison to the home theatre counterparts. The meaning of this is that special care is required to be taken while picking up the product for ensuring that screen size is compactable with the throw ratio. Many products support the interactive and also wireless presentation's functionality.


The home theatre projectors are unlike conventional multimedia cross overs. The devices actually run with lower brightness like on an average 1800 lumens. They possess the highest zoom capability along with inbuilt lenses. The projectors have low voltage control, LVC, thus turning it off or on can trigger out the screen to either rise or descend. Most of the projectors are HD and few are 4K. There is a fixed installation & large venue projectors that are included in the category of home theatre smart projectors. Well, these are the brightest products starting with a brightness range of 4500 lumens and goes up to 20,000. However such devices are considerably not portable. However, many of it features interchangeable lens technology.


This is the key feature of a smart projector. The more is the brightness, better the whole image will actually look like. The bright projectors will facilitate the users to watch the multimedia content in a space that is not completely pitch dark. Some of the devices work in full daylight. Since the brightness is being measured in terms of lumens, the greater, the better.


The most appropriate screen size actually depends upon the personalized preferences and also viewing distance. One of the most common recommendations is to maintain viewing distance from 1 to ½ times in comparison to the screen diagonal for smart HD projector.


The contrast ratio is defined as a difference that exists between the light & dark on the targeted screen expressed through a number. So if you take an extreme bright while on the targeted screen and darkest black and draw a comparison on luminosity, there will be a contrast ratio. The 1000:1 ratio means that bright white is 1000 times brighter in comparison to the darkest one.


This is also an eminent feature as we all want the projector to reproduce truest colors. It is the good color temperature as well as accuracy that impart sophisticated of the viewing experience.


Since the use of projectors for both the business and personal purposes is increasing day by day. This has already encouraged the companies to come up with many innovative features in this product category. The smart projectors are such that meet the multiple needs of customers. One such product is WooBloo Smash that is imbibed with many innovative features. With advanced speaker and projector in one. It serves as an ideal device for watching videos and giving presentations. With more than three hours of projector playtime, just enjoy watching videos for a prolonged time. The smart projectors thus enable the smooth flow of ideas and information facilitating you to focus on other crucial tasks. Well with so many amazing products available in the market, selecting the right one can be extremely hard. Whether you are searching to buy the projector for multiple board room meetings or for entertainment, there are several options. While looking at top choices for projectors, just focus on features that best meet your unique needs.

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