A cursory glance at history shows how technology has radically changed the world as well as our daily lives. With various multi-functional devices, such as smartphones, computers, and smart watches, we feel more comfortable, convenient, and safer at home. One can automatically turn on or off the lights, lock or unlock the doors, and use voice commands for carrying out various tasks. When all such revolutions are taking place at such a faster pace, it would not be a matter of surprise to see robots as commonplace in households.

So, are you using any smart home device? If not, then it is high time to give it a try!

This post will discuss the features and benefits of smart home devices that have impacted the way we live in our homes and some of the most innovative smart home devices that made a statement in the tech markets.

Here we go!

Common Benefits of Smart Home Devices

Some of the common benefits of choosing smart home devices are as follows:

1. Remote Access

Isn’t it a fantastic idea to control all home devices from just one place? Well, smart home devices turn this idea into a beautiful reality. You can easily operate a wide variety of home systems remotely. Such as a smart camera that allows you to do surveillance of your home when you are at the office, a smart lock will prevent burglars from entering your premises, and a smart light can be switched on or off from a single place.

2. Maximized Security

In contrast to traditional security systems, the security offered by smart home devices goes much further. Nowadays, smart security systems are highly advanced to alert you immediately in the event of a fire or the break-in of a burglar. Moreover, some security systems are perfectly integrated with motion detectors, automated door locks, and surveillance cameras to help you monitor real-time activities.

3. Audio Distribution

Who doesn’t love to turn their home into a place filled with music? Various smart speakers connect to your home networks and distribute the music to every room so that you can have a DJ-like ambiance for your special occasions.

4. Interoperability

The beauty of smart home devices is their ability to tie with other electronic devices and work cohesively as a unified system. They are highly flexible because of their remarkable ability to accommodate each other effectively.

5. Efficiency

If you wish to make your space more energy-efficient, smart home technology will serve the purpose. You might be wondering how one can save energy by using smart home devices, right?

Well, think of the fact that you will have more control over the heating as well as cooling of your home; you will be able to switch on or off the lights or fans while you are on the bed and feeling lazy to move towards the switch; you will be able to control the intensity of the lights as per your needs. So, you are doing a lot to save energy, isn’t it so?

6. Upgradeability

All these touch screens, smart speakers, smart projectors, and motion sensor lights may look impressive to you. But what holds the true power of smart home devices is their software system. The more sophisticated a device’s software is, the more that device can do. As smart home devices manufacturers ensure regular software updates, one can easily upgrade his/her home’s lifestyle by using such devices.

Most Innovative Smart Home Devices’ Features 

1. Amazon Alexa: Undoubtedly, Alexa is one of the most popular and comprehensive smart home devices available in the current scenario. It can be easily integrated with various smart home devices; it is probably the best choice for making a smart home.

You might have only heard Alexa in the form of an echo-speaker.

But, do you know that Amazon Alexa is also Built-into plenty of other smart products, such as smart TVs and thermostats?

2. Instant Auto Focus: The feature will automatically adjust the focus of the image within a few seconds. When you choose a projector with this feature, you don’t have to worry about those blurred images again whenever you move the Projector.

3. Long Lasting LED Lamps: Our LED bulbs are created to last over 20,000 hours of usage, ensuring you will experience a lifetime of entertainment.

4. Powered by DLP Technology: Smart projectors, these days, come with bright colors and vibrant contrasts as it is powered by DLP technology. Also, the display is complemented by 360-degree surround speakers and passive radiators to provide a rich sound output.

WooBloo SMASH - Choose the Best Smart Projector.

With the perfect amalgamation of advanced technology and integrated functionality, smart projectors can be easily connected to the home network and used for entertainment or presentation purposes. Like conventional projectors, smart projectors take the input (audio or video signals) and transform them into output. Nowadays, portable projectors are high in demand because of their easier and convenient mobility.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to try a robust smart home device, then go for WooBloo SMASH. It is a perfect combination of a smart projector and a smart speaker, and it imbibes versatile features. With a full HD screen, DLP technology, and the support of the world's best AI driven Voice Assistant - Amazon Alexa, WooBloo SMASH not only provides seamless watching experiences but also controls your home appliances very well.

So, let’s make a smart home with WooBloo SMASH! Visit https://www.woobloo.com/ today!

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