WooBloo presents its concept in Vasavi Senior Citizens Club, Secunderabad - Coverage in Sakshi.

FEB 24, 2018 | Sandeep Gondi sakshi-vasavi-club-woobloo-team

WooBloo at Vasavi Club

The idea of having a PA - Personal Assistant at a click of a button, to take care of all their needs was definitely the talk of Vasavi Nagar Community, Secunderabad on 23 rd Feb 2018.

WooBloo got an opportunity to present their concept amongst an elite crowd belonging to the Vasavi Senior Citizen Club, Vasavi energy and Electrons Vasavi Club who have always been striving to encourage young Entrepreneurs and start up culture within Hyderabad.

The fact that WooBloo provides the Gift of Freedom and Dignity to a generation, which has been left behind by Technology, was something that was very well appreciated by the gathering. The Elders of the house need not ask Kids, grand children or friendly neighbours to get their work done anymore!!

Not able to Use Apps is an old story, as with WooBloo, one can get the benefit of all the Apps in a Single App. All they need to do is Download WooBloo and Leave the rest to us!!