WooBloo Smash, portable projector with Amazon Alexa

January 14, 2021 | Sandeep Gondi

WooBloo Smash is a smart portable projector that offers you the best of both worlds: voice assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence thanks to Alexa, and human intelligence through a 24/7 concierge service.

This 300 lumens projector featured at the CES 2021, you can project movies, TV shows, presentations and more on the big screen in Full HD (1080p), all with the assistance of Amazon Alexa, to make your entertainment even easier.


Among other features, WooBloo Smash includes the Ask Me button, which provides direct, anytime access to a live concierge desk. It also offers 360-degree surround sound, plus a convo of full-range speakers.

WooBloo Smash, portable projector with Amazon Alexa

Perfect HD content projection can be projected onto any surface up to 120 inches and is the world’s smallest projector with DLP technology.

Its premium voice recognition system allows you to recognize the voice from any point of the room or place where they are. For this it includes integrated MEMS microphones.

Its battery offers an autonomy between charges of more than 3 hours, so you will not be left without seeing the end of the film, since with this time there is plenty of it.

Other characteristics of the WooBloo Smash

  • Echo Noise Cancellation: A special feature for all your conference calls when both hands are busy at the computer
  • Smart projector: Wireless Airplay / Chromecast screen sharing from iOS or Android smartphones to play any content on the projector
  • Built-in display: All the necessary information will be displayed on the 4-inch LED screen, eliminating the need to pick up the phone each time.

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